Rectangle Duct & Fittings
"L" Section Duct
Palletized "L" section insulated ductwork as it comes from the automated fabricduct lines.
Large Section Rectangle Ductwork
Rectangular ductwork can be fabricated in large, custom sections per the requirements of a specific job.
Turning Vanes Rectangle Section
Large and small section turning vanes fabricated per specification.
Square To Round Transition
Fabricated Square-to-Round Transition with ductliner installed.
Rectangular Elbow
Fabricating 90 Degree Rectangular Elbow
Large Elbow Takeoff
M&M can fabricate the rectangular duct products you need, even when they are on the "Biggie Size".
Roof Curbs & Curb Adapters
M&M fabricates a full range of Roof Curbs and Curb Adapters to fit your needs.
Commercial Duct Installation
Rectangular duct being installed in facility installation.
Custom Duct Transition Plenum
Large custom duct transiton and plenum.
Long Way Elbows
Long way elbows of the large variety.
Welded Seam Flanged Duct
Heavy welded seam, flanged ductwork
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