Prefab Catalog Products
Flex Duct Riveted Couplings
The MP-FDC Series of Riveted Flex-Duct Couplings are available in diameters from 4" through 20". If a 12" long Riveted coupling is desired, add a trailing "12" to the part number.
Flex Duct Snap Together Couplings
The MP-FDCST Series of Snap-Together Flex-Duct Couplings is available in diameters from 4" through 18". All sizes are packaged 20 per carton.
Flex Duct Supports
The MP-FDS Series Flex-Duct Supports are available in 4 sizes; 2 1/4" wide by 20" and 30" long; 5 1/2" wide by 20" and 30" long. All supports are packaged 25 per carton.
Snap-On Rails
The MP-SOR Snap-On Rail is sold each. The Snap-On Rail is 25" long. Available packaging is each, 60 each PKG or 3,000 each skid.
1/8" - 12 Hole Notch Plates
Notch plates are packaged 25 pieces per carton.
Custom Mixer Box
When you just can't find a standard fitting that works, call M&M to make the product you need, the way you want it.
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