General Catalog Products
Furnace Angle
Furnace Angle is manufactured from 14 ga galvanized in 38" lengths.
Filter Channel
Filter Channel is fabricated 1" x 1" x 120" from 26 ga galvanized steel.
Frame Material & Frames
Return Air Grille Frames are 1/2" x 1 1/2" angle profile by height and width of frame needed. Frame cost is based on perimeter inches and discounts are available for multiple common sizes ordered.
"J" Bar
"J" Bar is fabricated in 10' lengths and is packaged in a bundle of 10 pcs.
Johnson Box
The Johnson Box is a solid double sided filter box.
Plenums are fabricated to order from galvanized sheet metal in 28 ga, 26 ga and 24 ga. Accomodations for ductliner and/or flanges are available.
Rex Racks
Universal filter rack for horizontal unit. Fits a 19 1/4" x 20 plenum.
Slip Joints
Slip Joints are available in 28 ga, 26 ga and 24 ga galvanized steel. Virtually any size can be fabricated based on your needs.
Plenum Angle
Plenum Angle is available in 36" and 48" lengths.
Ductboard Angle
Ductboard Angle is a fabricated sheet metal angle with leg dimensions of 3" x 1" in a length of 120". The ductboard angle is made with 28 gauge galvanized sheet metal.
Custom fabricated offsets are available at competitive prices with fast delivery.
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