General Catalog Products
Blast Gates
Blast Gates are available for ducts sizes ranging from 3" to 12". This item is typically a non-stock item and is built to order.
Duct Access Doors
Draft Diverters
Draft Diverters are available in diameters ranging from 4" to 14". These are a non-stock item and are built to order.
Fire Dampers
Fire Damper Sleeve & Retaining Angle Frames
Fire Damper Sleeve and Retaining Angle Frames are sold in sets. A set consists of 1-Fire Damper Sleeve and 2-Retaining Angle Frames.
Fusible Links
Fusible Links are 165 degrees.
Heater Stands
Heater Stands are available in two heights; 6" or 9" and in two lengths for the 6" of 18" or 30". 9" Heater Stands are 30" long.
Line Set Covers
Line Set Covers are fabricated from 26 gauge paint grip material. Discounts are available for larger orders at time of order placement.
Louvers 6" x 6"
Maintenance Access Doors
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