General Catalog Products
Midget Louver
Midget Louvers are available in case lot quantities in 3" and 4" models.
Roof Louvers
Roof Louvers are available in galvanized, aluminum and painted aluminum materials. Louvers are sold in case lot quantities.
R-50-XE Roof Vent
The R-50XE Roof Vent is a 12" round vent sold in case lots of 4 each.
Rotary Turbines - Externally Braced
Rotary Turbine Flashing - Standard Pitch
Rotary Turbine Flashing is available for the 12" and 14" models in stardard roof pitches of: 0/12, 3/12, 4/12, 5/12 and 6/12.
Rotary Turbine BX Adjustable Turbine Flashing
The BX Adjustable Turbine Base incorporates an adjustable 45 degree elbow with the turbine base flashing. This unit is available for the 12" Rotary Turbine.
Rotary Turbine - Weather Cap
Under Eave Vents
Under Eave Vents are sold in case lots of 36 each and are available in two sizes.
Versa Caps
Adjustable Throat size Versa Caps are available in five models and are sold in case lot quantities.
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